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Alpha Trains TRAXX MS2e: 196-235 DE/AT/BE/NL  
Only 7 months after it made its plans made public, the German-Belgian joint venture 'Cobra Rail' received its first locomotives. As you can read in the introduction of this section, it is the third order for 35 Traxx MS locomotives that was inspired by the plans of Cobra Rail. Nevertheless they got the first ATC machines to be built after the first batch was completed. The first machine for Cobra Rail, the designated E186 196, arrived in Belgium Mid June 2008 for some final trials. Per 30.06.2008 the first two locomotives shopuld have been handed over to Cobra Rail. By that time E186 196 and 198 were in Belgium, but commercial service with these machines has not started yet (September 2008).

In Kassel Bombardiers kept on building Cobra Rail locomotives with a very high pace. On August 15 2008 for example, another six machines (E 186 197 and 199-203) could be transported to Belgium. On 15.09.2008, E186 212 already made its maiden run Germany. Delivery of all 40 units was completed around the summer of 2009.