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Pressnitztalbahn 253: Details  
Before the Press started services with its own blue EuroRunners, its staff could get used to the new generation of diesel-electric locomotives. In April and May 2004 therefore OBB 2016 072 was hired. Then, at 23.06.2004, the first German EuroRunner started its career, operated by private operator Pressnitztalbahn (Press). The lbue painted machine was numbered 253 014. At that time ‘253’ was the general designation for these machines in the German numbering system. This has now be changed into ‘223’. The Press machines however still have service numbers starting with 253, followed by a number indicating the place of the machine in the fleet of the Press. 253 014 and 015 are the 14th and 15th machine purchased by the Press.

253 014 was also the first EuroRunner that was delivered without equipment for supplying power to trains (trainheating/Zugsammelschiene). Also there is a fuel operated Webasto pre-heater used instead of the electrical pre-heaters in for example the OBB 2016 type.

The second machine was taken in option as the first one was ordered. In March 2005 however the 253 015 was delivered. Over time, both engines got promotional inscriptions for Dietel Bauelemente GmbH on one side, and RegentalBahn logos on the other.