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Beacon Rail 185.2: Details  
The painting of the 12 electrics, all DACH configured, is still based on the corporate colours of the company that originally ordered the machine, Allco. was consulted during the design phase of this livery, that had to be a neutral basis for future customers of the leasing company, but at the same time reflect the corporate colours of the owner. Allco also desired a consistent basic livery, resulting in the fact that also these F140AC2 machines have a red and white painted front, colours that are obligatory fore running in the Italy and the Netherlands respectivily.

On 04.07.2008 the first 4 locomotives (185 590-593) were officially delivered to BTMC and transported to their new employee: Crossrail from Switzerland. This open access operator operates all twelve BTMU machines from delivery, all carrying black and red Crossrail logos and striping.

On 01.10.2008, 185 594-595 were handed over, on 23.12.2009 the 185 596, 597, 599, and 600 followed. Finally the batch was completed on 20.02.2009, with the handing over of 185 601 and 602.

185 596 was damaged during an accident in Brig [CH], together with Re 436 113, the unit collided head-on with BLS Cargo Re 485 002. On 02.10.2010 the 596 was spotted in Kassel in the service and overhaul section of the factory, where it still was under repair.

185 595 was the first Beacon Rail 185 595 to loose its original livery. It got the new red corporate identity of Crossrial in September 2010.