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Captrain Traxx AC1: Further developments  
In 2005, Rail4Chem joined European Bulls, a pan-European cooperation for freight transport. 185 541, 542 and 549 were decorated with additional European Bulls logos to communicate this membership. 185 543 got promotional vinyls for Transpetrol. All other machines only got Rail4Chem logos.

In November 2005, brand new R4C 185 550 crashed into a waiting convoy, and was severely damaged. After only few days of commercial service, it had to return to Kassel. Bombardier needed six months to repair the damage, and finally the machine was up and running again in May 2006.

consolidation phase Around 2007-2008, the consolidation phase started in the European freight market, large (former state) operators started to buy their open access competitors, taking them out of the market. In 2008, On 20.02.2008, it was announced that Rail4Chem was sold by its stakeholders to Veolia Cargo from France. The Veolia mother company decided to sell Veolia Cargo to Eurotunnel/SNCF in 2009, a deal which was finalized in December 2009. All Veolia activities outside France from then on were part of the SNCF concern, which also acquired ITL from Germany in 2008.

On 01.01.2010, these take overs had only affected the looks of the 185 517, as it had its first main overhaul in the Autumn of 2009. It lost its R4C logos, but its base livery stayed the same.