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Vossloh EURO3000/4000: Demonstrators  
Euro 3000/4000 at Innotrans 2006
Construction of a pre-production test unit, with works number 2221, and later on the first of the initial order for 12 1668 mm gauge units for Angel Train Cargo, commenced in 2006. However, it was sent to INNOTRANS 2006 by boat as a 1435 mm gauge unit. Back in Spain it continued to do trials on 1668 mm gauge for both Vossloh and owner ATC establishing load ratings and route availability until release as a regular production specification machine in 02.2008.
Renfe 334 006 had the honour to accompany the green and silver Vossloh demonstrator during its trip to Germany in 2006. I represented the Euro 3000 version of the concept at the Innotrans fair. I carried Vossloh logos especially for this occasion. After its special task was completed the machine was delivered to Renfe.

Euro 4000 at Innotrans 2008
At the 2008 Innotrans fair, a EURO4000 wearing the corporate colours of Angel Trains Cargo was present. The machine with production number 2505 has normal gauge bogies and will finally be part of a ATC batch approved for commercial services in France, Belgium and Germany.

Demonstrator in Sweden
On 07.01.2008, a white painted EURO4000 arrived per boat in the Swedish harbour of Halmstad, which was then transported to the Tagab works in Kristinehamn for ‘winterization’. Under the licence of this Swedish rail operator, the T68 901 numbered machine then was evaluated in the sometimes harsh Scandinavian weather conditions. The machine was not fully painted by its arrival; aluminium side plates at both front ends were still uncoated.
This machine had to be delivered to Alco leasing, but as it sold its European leasing activities to BTMU cc in the mean time, this unit came back to Vossloh. Finally it was sold to Railcare from Sweden.

Demonstrator in Germany
On 28.01.2008, a second white painted EURO4000 passed the French-German border on its way to Minden. Since then this demonstrator is extensively tested by FTZ Minden, which performed electromagnetic current disturbance measurements and adhesion trials at the Geislinger Steige for example. Also traction effort, braking and starting performances were analyzed. This engine is also sold to Railcare in Sweden in 2009.