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Vossloh EURO3000/4000: Customer overview  
Renfe 334 series - 28 units - Euro 3000 passengers
Since 2006, Vossloh is building 28 EURO3000 for the Spanish national railways Renfe. They are purchased for high speed and high quality passenger services between Madrid, Murcia and Cartagena. For the Renfe 334 series revised 12-cilinder EMD diesel engines are being used, taken out withdrawn Renfe 319 and 333 class locomotives.

Comsa 335 series - 2 units - Euro 4000 freight
Comsa 335 001 was the first 335 to be seen outside Albiuxech in a livery other than that of a Vossloh test unit. Comsa machines are painted blue and silver and carry Comsa and European Bulls logos. All the EURO3000 and EURO4000 units initially run trials exiting the branch line joining the Albuixech industrial park with the mainline from Valencia to Sagunto Emplame which actually emerges at the next station north Massalfassar and then on the Sagunto to Zaragosa line via Teruel as far as Barracas.
The second EURO4000 for Comsa, designated 335 002 had the task to complete 500.000 kilometer without technical malfunctions in regular service, the main demand to get the EURO4000 certified for Spain. In September 2008, the machine was sent to Portugal for certification trials. Getting the Euro 4000 approved in this country is essential part of the next major contract with which Vossloh was awarded in the summer of 2008.

Beacon Rail – 6 units for CargoNet, 4 units for Europorte and 6 units for VFLI - Euro 4000 freight
Allco leasing, a company from Australia decided to order two EURO4000 locomotives for the European market back in 2005. Both units were released from work early 2008, both painted in a neutral white colour. One unit was transported to Germany, the other was shipped to Sweden. The Swedish machine was winterized after its arrival (eg. air intakes with special grids to cope with snow) and then started trials under the license of Tagab, a Swedish operator. The approval for Sweden was completed at the end of 2008. Around the same time the German machine also arrived in Sweden to undergo the winterization treatment.

In May 2005 it was announced that Allco decided to focus on the Australian and US market for locomotive leasing only, and therfore the European fleet had to be sold. The European activities finally were acquired by a combination of to the Bank of Tokyo and Mitsubischi from Japan, in short BTMU. BTMU itself had its residence in Boston, USA. On 14.01.2009 BTMU announced that it had established Beacon Rail Leasing Limited (Beacon Rail), a wholly-owned subsidiary, to be its business entity for freight rolling stock leasing in the European market.

Remarkable is the destiny of the Swedish and German demonstrator locomotive that Allco originally ordered. When BTMU took over the Allco European fleet, these two machines were not included and they came back to Vossloh. In 2009 they were sold to Railcare from Sweden.

first order; CargoNet 312 series
Together with the establishment of Beacon Rail, the purchase of six new Euro 4000s was published, all to be operated by CargoNet AS from Norway. First two units arrived in Norway on 17.03.2010.

second order; locomotive 4001-4004 for Europorte
In 2010, Beacon Rail got another four Euro 4000s, originally built for Alpha Trains. These F/B/D configurated units were then rented to Europorte from France.

third order; six units for VFLI
Voies Ferrées Locales et Industrielles (VFLI) ordered six locomotives. The order was published in December 2011. The delivery will start in January 2013. -

Railcare – 2 units - Euro 4000 freight
In may 2009, Swedish operator acquired two Euro4000 units, initially used for trials in Germany and Sweden. Originally they were ordered by Allco leasing. The Swedish test engine was already adjusted for services in the harsh weather conditions of Scandinavia and soon went into Railcare service as 68 901, the number it already had during its trial period in Sweden. The second machine came from Germany in 2008 or 2009 and modified too. Railcare plans to take over this unit as 68 902 in october 2009.

Alpha Trains 335 series - 24 units - Euro 4000 freight
The leasing company Alpha Trains (former Angel Trains Cargo) also invested in new EURO4000 locomotives. They placed two orders. First one was announced during the Innotrans railway fair in 2006 and incorporates the delivery of 18 machines for the Spanish/Portuguese market, equipped with signalling systems for both countries and running on 1668 mm Iberian gauge bogies. The second order incorporates 12 units for the central European market, starting with France, Belgium and Germany.

These plans were changed during delivery as 24 units were built for the Iberian market, and only six got the configuration for France, Belgium and Germany.

Later on, Alpha Trains appearantly decided to focus on the Iberian market only with the Euro 4000s. The six units for F/B/D were never delivered. In stead, four machines were sold by Vossloh to Beacon Rail. The status of the remaining two units is still unknown.

First unit representing this sub serie was released from Albuixech in August 2008 and presented at the Innotrans 2008 fair in Berlin. It’s turquoise/silver livery was the standard for Angel Trains' international vehicles by then. The machines for Spain/Portugal are like the Comsa units designated as 335 series (according to the Spanish numbering system) and the first units are numbered from 003 onwards. ATC 335 003 was present at Innotrans 2006, but is now in service of Comsa, painted in blue and silver. Comsa has taken an option on buying this machine from ATC.

Continental Rail – 4 units - Euro 4000 freight
Also Spanish open access rail operator Continental Rail S.A., ordered four Euro 4000s back in 2007. The first unit was first spotted in November 2008. Around the summer of 2009 all four units were completed, designated 335 016, 018, 029 and 030.

Takargo – 7 or 14 units - Euro 4000 freight
Takargo is the commercial name of Cargo Rail, subsidiary of Portuguese construction company MOTA EGIL. Takargo is the first open access rail operator from Portugal, and got its service license and security permit on 30.12.2006. In 2008, Takargo ordered fourteen six-axle EURO4000 freight locomotives and 250 new container carriers and for border crossing services between Spain and Portugal. In December 2008, the first Takargo engine was spotted, in a striking two-tone red livery. In 2009 serie delivery started.

Ferrovial Agroman – 2 units - Euro 4000 freight
The Spanish department of the enormous Ferrovial organisation operates two Euro 4000 locomotives. The first one was seen in Dezember 2009 and painted orange. The engines are numbered 335 031 and 032.

Israel Railways (ISR) - 14x Euro 4000 freight and 24x Euro 3000 passenger
On 03.03.2011, Vossloh made public that ISR ordered 29 new Euro series locomotives. The deal included fourteen Euro 4000 units no. 1401-1414), and fifteen Euro3000 machines. First 4000 was shipped in November 2011. In september 2012, it was clear that ISR had raised to order for Euro3000s to 24. - Vossloh

Europorte - 12 units - Euro 4000 freight
On 26.04.2011, Vossloh announced an order from French operator Europorte from France. Two EURO 4000 locomotives were delivered in May 2011 (4005 and 4006). Another 10 will follow in 2012 (4007-....). - Vossloh