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LTE 2016: the 904  
Ever since the 2016 903 was delivered, there were rumours about a second LTE diesel-electric. But, of course, first there has to be sufficient services that justify such an investment. At the end of 2006, LTE decided to rent Dispolok ER 20-006. So it was obvious that a second locomotive was necessary and it did not take long before LTE purchased a new machine. The second LTE machine, numbered 2016 904, was foreseen to be sold to Veolia-NOB, being designated DE2000-05.

It was completed in October 2006 and already painted in blue, yellow and white, the NOB corporate colours. For unknown reasons, Veolia, at that moment, did not purchase the DE2000.05 and so it became available to LTE. The DE2000-05 was transported to Linz at the end of January 2007 and repainted in silver and blue in the workshops of Linz. After that the machine, built as standard EuroRunner, like the 903, needed refitting for freight service. This was done in February and March. On March 7th, the 904 emerged again. Unlike the 903, it carries large LTE logos, and the European Bulls vinyls have lost some size.