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Vossloh EURO3000/4000: Technical specs  
Four members
The Euro program is based on four main sub types. The EURO3000 passenger (Renfe 334 series) and the EURO4000 freight (all Euro4000s built up till now) have become reality; the other two only exist on the drawing board. The program illustrates the flexibility of the EURO platform, of course it is always possible to adjust a certain type, or mix and mingle two versions to meet customer specific demands. What unites all versions is the newly developed cabins, placed inside the locomotive body shell, meeting the latest crash safety regulations and the UIC 505-1 loading gauge. They are all equipped with air-conditioning and a central placed driver desk. Up till now all machines have a diesel engine and a electrical transmission revised or newly built by EMD. But, if a customer wishes for it, diesel engines of other manufacturers can find their place on the EURO platform.

Technical specs Euro 3000

type Euro 3000 passenger Euro 3000 freight
Configured as concept concept
Total length 21500 mm 21500 mm
Wheel base 13200 mm 13200 mm
Axle arrangement: Bo'Bo' Bo'Bo'
Distance between axles 2600 mm 2600 mm
Track gauge 1668 mm 1435 of 1668 mm
Total weight 90 ton 82 ton
Axle load 22,5 ton 20,5 ton
Top speed 200 kph 120 kph
Starting Tractive Effort: 178 kN 280 kN
Fuel tank capacity 3000 l (4000 l optional) 3000 l (4000 l optional)
Number of traction motors 4 4
Traction Motor Nose suspended Frame mounted
Manufacturer diesel engine EMD EMD
type 12N-710 G3B-EC 12-710 G3C-U2
Power rating 2390 kW 2460 kW
Number of cilinders 12 12
Electrical transmission AC/DC AC/DC
Wheel diameter (new) 965 mm 1016 mm

Technical specs Euro 4000

type Euro 4000 passenger Euro 4000 freight
Configured as concept ATC 335 series
Total length 23020 mm 23020 mm
Wheel base 14600 mm 14600 mm
Axle arrangement: Co'Co' Co'Co'
Distance between axles 2x 1800 mm 2x 1800 mm
Track gauge 1435 of 1668 mm 1435/1668 mm
Total weight 126 ton 123 ton
Axle load 21 ton 20,5 ton
Top speed 160 kph 120 kph
Starting Tractive Effort: 325 kN 400 kN
Fuel tank capacity 6000 l 7000 l
Number of traction motors 6 6
Traction Motor Nose suspended Nose suspended
Manufacturer diesel engine EMD EMD
type 16-710 G3C-U2 16-710 G3C-U2
Power rating 3178 kW 3178 kW
Number of cilinders 16 16
Electrical transmission AC/DC AC/DC
Wheel diameter (new) 1067 mm 1067 mm