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SLB 91  
in short
SLB 91 (1216 940)
In 2008, the Salzburger Lokalbahn, from the Austrian city of Salzburg fo course, ordered one ES 64 U4 locomotive by Siemens. It was delivered on 09.12.2008 as 1216 940. The machine is painted in burgundy-red and white and short after delivery it service number was changed to no.91.
1 locomotive
order date xx.xx.2008
delivered 09.12.2008
homologated for Austria and Germany
operator official website:
Siemens official website:
SLB 91: news  
open news
2016-06-30 [AT] New logos for SLB 91 / 1216 940
open news
2008-12-22 [AT] new 1216s in the picture
open news
2008-11-14 [AT] ES 64 U4 news [update]
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Siemens 21318 2008 ES 64 U4 Bo'Bo'-el SLB  "91" 33 picture(s) available   revision data available graphics available