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Cargo Trans Vagon 189  
11.10.2008: Gabriel Stanciu, Sales Manager Siemens Mobility Romania, has announced for the first time at the Romanian Railway days 2008, during a reunion of operators, to have signed an agreement with Cargo Trans Vagon for the delivery of two complex Eurosprinter ES64F4 locomotives. The contract was signed in July 2008 and the supply of the 2 locomotives will start in June-July 2009. Thus, Cargo Trans Vagon becomes the first railway operator of Transfer International Spedition, a company set up in 1994, to provide expedition and logistics services for railway combined transport, both internally and internationally. -

On 06.04.2009, CTVs first ES 64 F4, designated as 189 700-8, was released from Munich and completed its maiden run on public tracks. Together with 189 701, the CTV units will represent a new ES 64 F4 sub type; class 189-VR, soon to be fit for running in Germany/Austria and Romania. This implies that the machines will only be used for Romanian domestic services, as this country does not border on the other two.

On 12.06.2009, both 189 700 and 701 were transported to Siemens test center Wegberg-Wildenrath, in a colorful convoy with MTEG 189 800 and the new EuroSprinters for the Belgian railways. For customer specific modifications, both engines stayed there until 26.07.2009 and then went back to Munich. On 03.08.2009, MRCE Dispolok ES 64 U4-069 took both engines from there for a ride, destination unknown.

CTV 189: news  
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Cargo Trans Vagon 189: Select your locomotive  
Siemens 21609 2009 ES 64 F4 Bo'Bo'-el 189 700-8 29 picture(s) available   revision data available graphics available  
Siemens 21610 2009 ES 64 F4 Bo'Bo'-el 189 701-6 17 picture(s) available   revision data available graphics available