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DB Schenker Traxx AC1: promotional liveries  

185 011 promoting Railion
For a logistics fair in Munich in 2000, 185 011 got Railion1 logos, sticked over its standard DB logos. Before it was delivered to the DB, these logos were removed again.

185 087 promoting Bombardier
185 087 was present at the international railway fair Innotrans 2002 in Berlin. Therefore it was decorated with Bombardier promotional inscriptions. They were removed again before the machine was delivered to the DB.

185 090 and the history of three-phase current propulsion
From delivery, 185 090 is deocrated with a serie of visuals of key products in the history of the three-phase current propulsion system development in Kassel. In 2005, the original DB logos of the 090 were replaced by Railion2 logos, however, the special decorations were maintained.

185 001-003 promoting the Bombardier Traxx platform
To promote the new brand name Traxx for its modern electrics, Bombardier decorated the three prototype locomotives with Traxx vynils in September 2003. All units have lost their special inscriptions in the mean time.

185 152 promoting K+S
First DB 185.1 with a true commercial livery. In blue, green and silver, its promoting the K+S group, a supplier of fertilizers, plant care and salt products. The livery was introduced on 14.02.2006. 185 152 was also the second machine of its type to carry a NVR service number.

185 142 promoting the DB in Switzerland
Since May 2007, this unit is promoting DB's activities in Switzerland and its subsidiary Railion DB Logistics Schweiz. Its design is similar to that of 189 065, which promotes the DB in the Netherlands. The machines was exhibited at the Transport&Logistik fair in Munich in June 2007. The livery was updated during the overhaul of 142 in 2011.