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DB Schenker Traxx AC1: special features  
185 XF configuration: certified for France and Germany
185 020-039 were refitted for services in France after delivery. 185 038 and 039 were the prototypes. Since 2004 they are running on 25kV sections in France. 185 020 and 021 were used for trials in Luxembourg.

185 XS configuration: certified for Switzerland and Germany
185 085-149 are equipped for services in Switzerland. They were delivered as such and have the Swiss package, inclusing ZUB/Integra signalling systems, cameras and two additionel pantographs with smaller contacts, required in Switzerland with its numerous tunnels. The DB intensively cooperates with BLS Cargo in Switserland, so that these machines are often used in mixed service with the technical identical BLS' Re 485 series. Some XS configurated machines have been spotted with small BLS logos on their sides.

185 XA configuration: : certified for Austria and Germany
185 040-059 have unrestricted access to the Austrian rail network since 2005. No XA units, but 185 085-094 got a restricted access to Austria in 2004, so they could run on the corridor St. Margrethen - Wolfurt.

EST Crash buffers
185 155-159 were delivered with EST Crash buffers, easy to recognize as they are painted red by these machines.

ETCS equipment
185 101-110 are fitted with ETCS signalling system for services in Switzerland since December 2007. They are easy to recognize by the NVR service numbers on both sides.