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Alpha Trains Traxx AC1: liveries  
basic ATC livery
ATC 185.1s are painted in in silver, grey with blue cabs, at that time the standard for units built for the German market. Later on ATC introduced a second standard, by which the blue was replaced by turqoise. This is the standard for the European market. This division however is not so clear anymore, as in the mean time also 185.1s can cross German borders towards France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Hungary and Austria.

However, it is always possible to repaint a machine in the livery of a customer. This is expecially done when a machine is long-term designated to an certain operator. By delivery therefore several machines had a different livery. 185-CL 006 and 007 for Rail4Chem had green cabs. 185-CL 008 and 009 were painted in the corporate colours of the RAG. 185 515 and 516 for Connex were delivered in blue with yellow fronts. The five units leased to TX Logistik from delivery (185 531/537-540) were painted silver.

In the near future its likely to presume that more engines will change appearance.