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AKIEM BB 37000: livery and details  
BB 37000 livery and design
A BB 37000 looks very similar to its two-voltage brothers typ BB 27000. They are both of the standard Alstom prima design and are both painted in the standard Fret green/while/silver assymetric Fret livery. A BB 37000 can be recognized by its service numbers of course, and the addtional third pantograph. BB 37001-37029 were delivered with the old SNCF logo, introduced in 1992, from the 37030 on machines were decorated with the purple and pink "carmillon" logo, introduced in 2005. The older units were decorated with these logos afterwards.

diesel in disguise
On 25.03.2004, the 437002 played a role in a special event. On that day Siemens, Alstom and the SNCF presented their plans for a new generation of diesel-electrics. The SNCF placed an order for 400 units type BB 75000, which technical and mechanical will be a mix between the philosophies of the German EuroRunner from Siemens and French Prima platform from Alstom. To visualize the future looks of the new French main line diesel generation, the pantographs of the 437002 were covered by a grey painted top and numbers and factory plates were replaced by fake ones, letting us believe we were looking at the BB 75001 in stead. The machine was also decorated with Siemens and Alstom logos for the event.

BB 37027 at Innotrans 2010
Akiem decided to make its presence at the Innotrans 2010 better visible with a BB37000 in a remarkable purple livery. Unit 37027 was selected for this job.