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Stern & Hafferl 2016  
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On 18.11.2008, EuroSprinter prototype ES 64 P-001 transported a brand new, black and red painted EuroRunner from Munich to Wiener Neustadt. In the following days the machine got custum made adhesives and designation 2016 910. It turned to be the first EuroRunner for Gmunden [AT] based rail operator Stern&Hafferl (St&H).

On 25.09.2009, a second machine (2016 911) was officially handed over to St&H. Both units were then used for freight services and both are homologated for Germany, Austria and Slovenia.

On 29.06.2012, 2016 912 and 913 left Germany for their new home country.

4 locomotives
delivery 11.2008/09.2009/07.2012
> designation 2016 910-913
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St&H 2016: news  
open news
2012-08-07 [AT] in the paintshop: Stern&Hafferl 2016 912 and 913
open news
2012-07-05 [AT] two new EuroRunner locomotives for Stern&Hafferl [updated]
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2009-09-26 [AT] St&H 2016 911 officially handed over
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2009-09-21 [AT] second EuroRunner for St&H
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2008-12-08 [AT] a new EuroRunner called Erika
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2008-12-06 [AT] 2016 910: final livery
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2008-11-21 [DE/AT] 2016 910 for Stern & Hafferl leaves the factory [update]
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2008-11-12 [DE/AT] new EuroRunner orders
Stern & Hafferl 2016: Services  
During the official presentation of the 2016 911, St&H employees demonstrated the radio control (in German: Verschubfunkfernsteuerung (VFFS)) of this unit, being the first of its type to be delivered with such an additional package in Austria. 910 got this equipment later on.

Since October 2009, Stern&Hafferl is using both machines in cooperation with Rail Cargo Austria. Together they will transport grit from Steyrermühl to Linz Kleinmünchen for Asamer, a company specialised in products like stone-dust, gravel, cement etc. Every day 800 tonnes will be moved. 2016 910 and 911 have radio control so the driver can (un)couple the train by himself, very efficient (source: Siemens).

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