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MRCE ES64F4 (ex Dispolok): renumbering  
With the completion of the first machines belonging to the latest 50-unit order, in September 2008, a new numbering system was introduced for all ES 64 F4-series locomotives of MRCE Dispolok. Leading argument for a service number is now the country specific configuration of a locomotive. New units were delivered with new numbers, the existing fleet had to be renumbered.

In 2008 Siemens started an extensive program of testing and refitting many ES 64 F4s, for operators such as RTC, Lokomotion, SBB Cargo and MRCE Dispolok. The Siemens test center in Wegberg-Wildenrath (DE) is since then home to large numbers of these machines that have to get many new and many different safety and signalling systems. Next to the introduction of new configuration to the majority of existing the MRCE Dispolok fleet, also the introduction of the new Italian SCMT system and the European ECTS were incorporated in this program.

Around Christmas 2008, first two units of the existing fleet were released from Wegberg-Wildenrath again, having a new package and a new service number; ES 64 F4-204 and 205, the new idenity for ES 64 F4-021 and 022, in the future homologated for the Netherlands, Germany and Poland, representing the new Class189-VO configuration. With the 204, the white front on machines that did not get the MRCE black livery yet was introduced, as this is obligatory for running in the Netherlands.

An overview of the new MRCE Dispolok numbering system, as far as this is known:

number serie configuration
ES 64 F4-000-049 class189-VD
ES 64 F4-050-099 class189-VE
ES 64 F4-101-149 class189-VL
ES 64 F4-150-199 class189-VM
ES 64 F4-200-249 class189-VO
ES 64 F4-280-299 class189-VK
ES 64 F4-400-449 class189-VI
ES 64 F4-450-499 class189-VP

The next table gives an overview of all renumbered (and refitted) ES 64 F4 units of the exsiting MRCE Dispolok fleet. For many machines the refitting also included a repaint in black.

new number new configuration old number old configuration first spotted
ES 64 F4-150 189-VM ES 64 F4-020 189-VD 04.2009
ES 64 F4-200 189-VO ES 64 F4-006 189-VH 02.2009
ES 64 F4-201 189-VO ES 64 F4-011 189-VH 11.2009
ES 64 F4-202 189-VO ES 64 F4-013 189-VD 05.2009
ES 64 F4-203 189-VO ES 64 F4-019 189-VD 02.2009
ES 64 F4-204 189-VO ES 64 F4-021 189-VD 12.2008
ES 64 F4-205 189-VO ES 64 F4-022 189-VD 12.2008
ES 64 F4-206 189-VO ES 64 F4-025 189-VD 06.2009
ES 64 F4-207 189-VO ES 64 F4-028 189-VK 12.2009
ES 64 F4-209 189-VO ES 64 F4-033 189-VK 12.2009
ES 64 F4-400 189-VI E 189-929 189-VD 09.2008