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Renfe S/252: facts and figures  
When all machines were delivered, the total order could be decomposed in three batches:

servicenumbers production track gauge catenary systems livery
S/252 001-015
1435 mm
25kV AC + 3kV DC
white AVE
S/252 016-031
Spain, Meinfesa and CAF
1668 mm
25kV AC + 3kV DC
S/252 032-075
Spain, Meinfesa and CAF
1668 mm
3kV DC

Track gauge of various bicourant locomotives changed during the past decades. Between 1997 and 2000, S/252 011-015 got 1668 mm gauge bogies. In 2002 eleven units (S/252 012, 015, 017-018, 020, 024-028, 031) were selected for running on the Madrid-Lleida high speed line and got 1435 mm normal gauge bogies instead of 1668 mm. (situation 30.11.2004). On 05.11.2009, the situation was again different, at that moment units S/252 001-008, 010-012, 015, 017, 020, 024-028 were normal gauge.

general technical specs:

Product name S/252
Product description asynchrone bi/mono-tension multi purpose electric locomotive
Power system (25kV AC and) 3 kV DC
Total length 20.380 mm
Wheel base 10.500 mm
no. axles / Axle arrangement: 4 / Bo' Bo'
Track gauge 1435 mm or 1668 mm
Total weight 89 tonnes (bi-tension) or 87 tonnes (mono-tension)
Top speed 220 kph
Power rating 5.600 kW