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Renfe S/252: Liveries  
Amarillo-grey with AVE logos
During its trial phase, S/252 001 was painted in the standard Renfe colours 'amarillo' and grey. It also carried AVE logos. Before the machine was delivered it was repainted in white.
white with AVE logos
All 15 locomotives of the 'German-Swiss batch', S/252 001-015, were delivered in a white livery with AVE logos. Remarkable is that S/252 009 has been spotted with two AVE logos on its side.
ammarillo and grey
All sixty units that were built in Spain by CAF and Meinfesa, S/252 016-075 were delivered in the standard Renfe livery of that time; ammarillo-grey with large service numbers on both sides. S/252 012, 014 and 015 were also repainted in these colours later on.
Grandes Líneas - Arco
At the end of the nineties, Renfe introduced new product names for several high quality services. 'Arco' services were introduced between Barcelona - Valencia - Alicante, Barcelona-Andalucia and Vigo-Hendaye. S/252 units hauling these trains got a special white livery with a large blue arc. This livery is only applied on Iberian-gauge units.
Grandes Líneas - Altaria
Similar to the Arco livery is the Altaria-version, applied on locomotives running between Madrid-Barcelona, Madrid-Pamplona, and Madrid-Alicante, mostly with Talgo VII-rakes. Only Iberian guage units got the Altaria livery. During the past years, both the Arco and Altaria logos were gradually removed from all S/252s, so there is also a version of this white and blue design without logos.
Operadora standard
A few years ago, Renfe introduced a complete new corporate identity for its entire fleet, developed by design agency Interbrand. It resulted in two different liveries for the S/252 series. The units with Iberian gauge bogies, used for 'standard' intercity passenger services, are being repainted in white and dark grey, decorated with two lila stripes and a large lila Renfe logo.
Operadora high speed
The locomotives that have normal guage bogies and therefore slso used on the various Spanish high speed lines (on 05.11.2009: S/252 001-008, 010-012, 015, 017, 020, 024-028, source get the CO-version of the high speed department. These machines are again white, with a dark grey arc on both sides and a silver and lila stripe. The Renfe logo is identical to the normal version of this livery. The headlights of these machines are connected by a dark grey bar.
Renfe Mercancias
On 21.12.2010, Renfe started freight services to France with S/252s. For this purpose, four units, 252 017, 024, 025 and 028 were adjusted an got additional Mercancias-logos. There are two versions, one is based on the Operadora high speed livery, the other one on Operadora standard. The latter one is applied on 252 019 for example.
Renfe Integria
Somewhere in 2012/2013, three locomotives got Renfe Integria logos. This resulted in two new livery variations. 252 013 in blue and white with the Integria logos. 252 047 and 067 already had the Operadora standard livery so they just got extra Integria inscriptions. Renfe Integria is the division of the Spanish railways responsible for maintenance and spare parts.