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Macquarie Rail 285: test locomotive for the French  
Bombardier selected CBRail locomotive 285 110 to become test locomotive for a more powerful version of the Traxx DE concept, to be built for the French national railways, SNCF Fret. This operator ordered 45 diesel-Traxx units in December 2008, to be fitted with a 2400 kW diesel engine. The 110, rebuilt as such, was first seen outside the Bombardier factory in May 2009, with service number 476 103. It still had its CBRail livery.

Later on, the locomotive was renumbered 076 101 and for example was send to the Netherlands for homologation purposes.

To compensate CBRail for the locomotive used for Fret-SNCF, Bombardier delivered a new locomotive in april 2010: unit 285 111.