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MTAB IORE: detailed information  
It is possible to disconnect two locomotives in about five minutes. From a driving cab, it is possible to control up to six units (also odd numbers!), the direction of others driving cabs has no relevance. In tractive mode, the driver can choose out of 41 different pseudosteps. At low speed the steps have a constant effort and up to about 16 km/h a constant power. The use of such a control mode is easier for heavy trains as control with effort reference. At very low speed during a short time, the driver can ask for a "42th" step at 700 kN for each unit.

The software allows a quiet transition between two steps. In braking mode, the driver has 30 steps at constant effort for a loaded train and 10 for an empty one. When hauling an iron ore train, fitted with with automatic couplings, the locomotives have their rigid buffers in retracted position, but for hauling conventional trains (max. 600 t), buffers can be replaced and an adapter for UIC-coupler can be installed in a very short time.