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Prima II Prototypes 47501/47502  
in short
technical characteristics
On 03.06.2009, Alstom unveiled the first 1:1 scale Prima II locomotive. Construction of this machine started in September 2008 in a newly erected production hall in Belfort. The first machine is painted silver and dark blue, like the Alstom AGV prototype and the Coradia Polyvalent concept. All these products are members of the new Alstom family, taking performance, flexibility and design to a next level.

In September 2010, Alstom exhibited a second silver painted prototype at the 2010 Innotrans fair.

freight configuration
top speed 140 kph
can run under four different voltage systems:
25 kV AC - with 6400 kW duration power
15 kV AC - with 6400 kW
3 kV DC - with 6000 kW
1,5 kV DC - with 5600 kW
Alstom official website:
Prima II: dynamic trials in Wegberg  
At the end of June, Prototype No.1 was transported from the Belfort factories to the test-center of Wegberg-Wildenrath. There all dynamic properties under all four voltage systems could be evaluated, with a maximum running speed of 135 kph. Remarkable is that this engine took over the bogies of the Prima 6000 demonstrator. This unit, built in 2003 was completely dismantled during the summer of 2009 as it has served its purpose and new prototypes could take over from there. Prototype No.1 left Wegberg on 25.03.2010, together with ONCF E-1401.
Prima II: EUDD test platform  
In November 2009, the PrimaII No.1 was decorated with EUDD plus stickers on both sides. EUDD stands for European Driver Desk, hopefully the new standard for all manufacturers serving the European market. For more information check the EUDDplus website .

On 17.12.2009 we could attend a test run with Prototype No.1 at Wegberg-Wildenrath test center and Alstom explained how the EUDD was built, tested and evaluated. One cab of Prototype No.1 is fitted with the EUDD prototype (picture 1) and next to that a simulater (picture 3) is available at Wegberg-Wildenrath. Both are developed simultaniously and therefore Alstom invited train drivers from ten different European countries (the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Italy, Czech Republic) to use and evaluate the EUDD extensively.

Prima II: Innotrans 2010  
On the Innotrans 2010 railway fair, Alstom presented a second demonstrator for its Prima II locomotive platform. Like the first one, its a multi system unit. Alstom said that it would be a machine four passenger services with a top speed of 200 kph, but that was not the case.
Prima II: select your locomotive  
Alstom ? 2009 PrimaII EL4 Bo'Bo'-el Alstom  "91 87 0 047 501-8" 26 picture(s) available     graphics available  
Alstom ? 2010 PrimaII EL4 Bo'Bo'-el Alstom  "91 87 0 047 502-6" 36 picture(s) available