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PKP EU43  
in short
In the 90s, the Polish national railways (PKP) decided to order fifty new electrics for both domestic and international freight services. An order was placed by Adtranz, that developed two series for the PKP based on the design of the E412 series for Trenitalia. Adtranz built eight mulitsystem units (3kV DC and 15kV AC, type EU43) for border-crossing services towards for example Germany and 42 machines for 3kV DC only (type EU11).
8 locomotives
order date 12.1996
never delivered to PKP
> designation EU43-001 to 008
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PKP EU43: backgrounds  
EU43-001 to -003 where built by Adtranz Italia (former ABB Technomasio) in Vado Ligure, Italy. The Adtranz-Pafawag factory in Wrocław than only had to finetune these machines. The assembly of EU43-004 to -008 was done Wrocław, with kits coming from Italy. In Poland, the EU43 were also known as the 112E project.

Unit EU43-001 was the first to be outshopped and left Italy on 10.06.1998. With this unit test runs where started in Poland in September 1998. Unit 002 was used for trials in Germany and Austria.

However, the eight EU43 series locomotives never became property of PKP. In the years that followed, a unclear combination of financial, contractual and technical difficulties resulted in Adtranz having to find an alternative customer for these eight machines. In 2001, the Italian/German operator Rail Traction Company (RTC) started first operations, and the EU43s came in the picture for its border-crossing services Italy-Austria.

As the base design of the EU43s has Italian roots, it was relativily easy to adjust them for this new customer. Cab interior orientation (from right to left) had to be changed, together with many technical parameters, but the base design design stayed the same. In the end, RTC took over all eight units. They are still operated under their original Polish designation.

source: Eisenbahn-Revue 9/1998 and 3/1999

PKP EU43: technical specs  
Product name Eco 2000 / 112E
Product description asynchrone multi system electric locomotive
Power system 3 kV DC and 15kV AC
Length 19.400 mm
Wheel base 11.400 mm
No. axles / Axle arrangement: 4 / Bo' Bo'
Track gauge 1435 mm
Total weight 87 tonnes
Top speed 200 kph
Power rating 6.000 kW (3kV DC) and 5.500 kW (15kV AC)
Max. starting tractive effort 300 kN
PKP EU43: select your locomotive  
Bombardier 7468 2002 112E Bo'Bo'-el EU43-001 16 picture(s) available     graphics available  
Bombardier 7469 2002 112E Bo'Bo'-el EU43-002 19 picture(s) available   revision data available graphics available  
Bombardier 7470 2002 112E Bo'Bo'-el EU43-003 18 picture(s) available   revision data available graphics available  
Bombardier 112E 04 2001 112E Bo'Bo'-el EU43-004 24 picture(s) available     graphics available  
Adtranz 112E 05 2000 112E Bo'Bo'-el EU43-005 16 picture(s) available   revision data available graphics available  
Bombardier 112E 06 2001 112E Bo'Bo'-el EU43-006 35 picture(s) available   revision data available graphics available  
Bombardier 112E 07 2001 112E Bo'Bo'-el EU43-007 38 picture(s) available     graphics available  
Bombardier 112E 08 2002 112E Bo'Bo'-el EU43-008 25 picture(s) available     graphics available