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Bombardier 76 000/100 series stock locomotives: 4 prototypes  
In 2009, four different machines were built in Kassel to assist by the homologation of the SNCF/AKIEM BB 76000 series. Two machines of the BB 76000 sub serie for the SNCF, and two machines of the BB 76 100 sub serie for AKIEM, one of them beiing the former CBRail 285 110.

476 001, later renumbered as 076 001, for the SNCF, provisory SNCF Fret livery

076 002 for the SNCF, provisory SNCF Fret livery. In May 2011, this engine emerged from Kassel in a silver AKIEM-livery with promotional stickers for the Transport Logistik Fair in Munich.

076 101 being the refitted CBRail 285 110, in CBRail livery, previously numbered as 476 103...

076 102 for AKIEM, provisory SNCF Fret livery