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CP LE 5600: details  
mixed services
The CP LE 5600 series is used for both passenger and freight services. 5622-5628 were delivered with special semi-automatic couplers type "Atlas" for hauling heavy coal trains.

Three units form the 5600 series got a name: 5601 ´Entroncamento´, 5602 'Pampilhosa' and 5603 ´Santarém´. These names can be found, together with a little shield on both silver sides of these machines.

Unit 5624 was destroyed by fire after frontal collision on the Sines branch. It was scrapped on 14.05.2003.

first main overhaul
After a general ten years of service, the 5600 series got its first main overhaul. In 2003 the CP started with unit 5603 (finished 08.2003) and 5605 (finished 11.2003). The machines were technically revised and repainted in the same livery.

high speed
Since April 2007, the LE 5600 series are able to reach for speeds up to 200 kph in regular service. 5601-5610 got transferred from freight services (CP Carga) to long distance passenger services (CP Longo Curso) and are now used for commercial operations on the 200 kph Lisboa – Porto route.