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OSE 120: (re)numbering  
Renumbering of the old batch
The first batch was delivered with old style OSE numbers, starting with the letter 'H' (stands for 'Hlektramaxa' = 'electric locomotive') and a three digit service number. However, a few years ago, OSE introduced a new numbering system (digits only), resulting in the new '120 series' designation for these machines. The second batch got the new '120 series' designation right form delivery, but the first six had to be renumbered...

In 2005, the H 561 was the first one actually carrying a new number, but curiously it got this new number only at cab end 2 (compare both pictures!). We have no sign of any other machine being renumbered until a round of main overhauls started in 2008-2009.

Main overhaul
In 2009 first pictures emerged of OSE 120 006, repainted and renumbered. As far as we know also H 561 and H 562 got this treatment (09.2009), now running as 120 001 and 002. For H 563 and H565 we can say the same, only leaving the damaged H 564 in its old livery. Note that the OSE logos are not blue and silver, but orange and grey.