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DB 182: to DB Regio  
Since the last week of October 2009, DB Schenker's 182 series was evaluated by DB Regio on the Cottbus - Leipzig connection. For this experiment the 182 001 is re-allocated to Cottbus. To be able to judge the performances of the ES 64 U2 platform locomotive in revenue service, 182 001 hauled normal passenger trains up till the time schedule change in December 2009. DB Regio is very fond of these powerful (6400kW) and fast (230 kph) locomotives, better fitted out for heavy double stock passenger trains and meeting tight running schedules. By DB Schenker, the 182 series, which only counts 25 units, has become dispensable since the 185.2 series has got full access to Austria in May 2009. Back in 2000, the 182 series was specifically purchased for services in and into this Alp-country, after the Austrians refused to provide access to the 152 series.

Just before the new time tables were introduced, the 001 got back-up from another four units: 182 003, 004, 005 and 008, officially sold by DB Schenker to DB Regio on 10.12.2009.
On 10.06.2010 three more units were sold to DB Regio; 182 002, 006 and 007. After the small time table change of 13.06.2010, the DB Regio 182s were also used for hauling IC- and EC-services, for example EC 340/341 und IC 2022/2023.

On 08.07.2010 another four units transferred from DB Schenker to DB Regio: 182 009-012.

On 07.12.2010, the next four were sold: 182 013-016.