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OSE 120: status 120 008  
Also unit 120 008 represents a very curious case. Like planned, the engine left the Siemens factories in Munich in 2004, but it never arrived in Greece. There are two different explanations for the fact that 008 had to return to Munich again. One is that it got damaged along the way and had to go back for repairs. The other explanation is that Siemens wnated to hold back the machine to use it for test runs in hibernal weather conditions. But it is unclear if this ever happened.

At least until August 2007, 120 008 was parked outside the Siemens factories in Munich-Allach (in fact the machine was easy to recognize on Google maps for years). Since then no sign of 008, until...

In the mean time, based on searching trough various pictures, we can tell that 120 008 was already in Greece in June 2008. So now we still have to find out the whereabouts of the machine between 08.2007 and 06.2008.