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MTAB IORE: 2nd batch  
On 20.10.2009, the first locomotive of the second batch (no.119) was outshopped in Kassel and send on its way to Sweden. It arrived there three days later. The convoy consists of the locomotive (on temporary, lighter, bogies, so maximum axle weights during transport is not exceeded) and two carriages with the two final bogies. Locomotive and bogies will marry after their arrival in Sweden.

On 13.11.2009, the second unit (no.120) left Kassel, arriving on 17.11.2009. At that moment, unit 119 was almost completed, as the final assembly work on these locomotives is done locally in the work shops of Kiruna. Things that still need to be done after a units arrives in Sweden: replacing the transport bogies by motor bogies, placing ballast weight in the engine room, installing exterior details such as snowplough, hand rails, mirrors. The transformers get covered and an energy meter is installed. Then of course testing and final commissioning still has to be done.

On 26.01.2010, Klas Wahlberg (president of Bombardier Transportation AB) officially handed over the 119-120 to LKAB/MTAB, represented by its chief logictics, Goran Heikkilä.

On 13.08.2010, IORE 126 left Kassel, heading for Sweden, being the last one of its batch.