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PKP IC 370: details  

Only two months later, on 17.11.2008, a ES 64 U4 locomotive, in the envisaged PKP IC livery, was outshopped from the OBB workshops in Linz. It got service number 183 601, based on the old German numbering system. One day later it was transported to Poland for the official 'Husarz' presentation.

In January 2009, the 183 601 got assistance; During that month Linz completed another ES 64 U4 unit (painted white) designated as 183 602. After being evaluated by the Wiener Lokalbahnen Cargo for some weeks, this machine came together with the 601 in Nurnburg, Germany, where they together were preparated for the upcoming homologation proces in Poland.

183 601 and 602 both stayed in the work shops of Nurnberg (DE) in February and March 2009 for the final preparations for the Polish homologation. Unit 602 was still white at that moment, it was first spotted in the PKP IC livery in May 2009.

29.05.2009: Polish high speed record
The photo has been taken during ES64U4-D homologation tests in Poland. The following night a new Polish high speed record for locomotives was set. The "Husarz" locomotives 183 601 and 183 602 and three cars did this on the 36 km long track section between Psary and Góra Włodowska of the Centralna Magistrala Kolejowa. This Central Railway Route is the only high speed rail line in Central-Eastern Europe. It's length is 223 km, built in 1971 - 1977, and it links Warsaw with Kraków and Katowice. On 29.05.2009, the new record was set on 235 km/h.

14.10.2009: first revenue service
The image shows unit 183 601 (Siemens ES 64 U4-D) on the third and last day during which it hauled the IC1501 'Neptun' service from Warszawa to Gdynia (by Gdańsk). It was the first time a PKP ES 64 U4 locomotive was used in revenue service. With its 'Neptun' the 183 took passengers to the 8. International Railway Fair 'TRAKO 2009' in Gdańsk-Oliwa, held from 14 to 16.10.2009. On 08.10.2009, the 183 601 and 602 were approved by Polish safety body UTK and therefore available for regular services.

the Berlin-Warschau Express
Hauling the Berlin-Warschau Express (EuroCity 47) was one of the main tasks of 183 601 and 602 during their first months of service.

serie delivery
On 15.01.2010, the first two units of the serie were released from the work shops of Linz. They were transported to Siemens in Munich. On 20.01.2010 they continued their journey towards Poland, together with MRCE Dispolok ES 64 F4-151. Unit 3 to 6 were released from work with a 183 series designation, and made a pitstop in Munich before going to Poland. Unit 7 to 10 were delivered with service number based on the Polish numbering system. Up front they got 5 370 0xx designations, combined with the train operator code of PKP IC: 1251.

training in Berlin
In April, driver training for Berlin started with unit 601. It resulted in some nice images taken in and around Berlin.

services towards the Czech Republic
From 24.05.2010 on, PKP IC used its 370s for services to the Czech Republic, hauling EuroCity 110/111 ''Praha'' from Warsaw towards Prague up to the place of Bohumin, near the PL/CZ border. The 370s were also used for the R 407/408 ''Chopin'' night train from Vienna to Warsaw. Again, the PKP units only haul the Bohumin to Warsaw section. -

non-stop services to Berlin start
On 14.07.2010, a PKP Husarz locomotive hauled the EC44 Warschau-Berlin service non-stop for the very first time. They replaced the ES 64 F4s that PKP hired up till then. The first image shows unit 370 005 during the very first non-stop trip arriving in Berlin. The second shows 370 009 with EC44s counterpart, EC 45 (Berlin - Warszawa) in a nice setting. The PKP units that were delivered with the German style service number (183 6xx) were all renumbered in that period.