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Demonstrator E189 929  
Since 2003, Siemens has been building 45 ES 64 F4 units for its own Dispolok fleet. By 2006, all machines (ES 64 F4 001-033 and 088-099) were delivered, except for one... ES 64 F4-029 was missing..

In June 2007 however a remarkable black ES 64 F4 unit was outshopped, designated E189-929. By that time, Siemens sold its entire Dispolok fleet to MRCE leasing from Japan, and this company uses black as corporate identity, the black colour of 929 was not a surprise.

Being E189-929 the machine did not do much. It was exhibited at the open day of Wegberg-Wildenrath in August 2007, but after that it disappeared again. It took until the summer of 2008 before it became clear why this machine was hold back. That year, the 929 was reconfigured (and renumbered from ES 64 F1-001 to ES 64 F4-400) in Munich. Although still being a full fledged four-system electric, the machine now could only run under 3kV DC voltage systems; It was the first unit specially configured for the Italian domestic market.

Nowadays, the ES 64 F4-400 is part of the MRCE Dispolok fleet.

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