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SNCF / AKIEM BB 27000: to AKIEM  
On 01.01.2009, the SNCF / Geodis group founded Akiem. It is is a 100% subsidiary of the Transport and Logistic Branch of SNCF and it offers leasing services to operators. Gradually, seventy units of the BB 27000 series became property of Akiem in 2009 and 2010. As long as they have the original SNCF Fret livery, they keep their original service number, but when a unit a repainted, a unit looses the prefix '4' which corresponds to the SNCF intern number system, representing a unit running for the freight division.

The units selected where the SNCF 427111-427180. French operator VFLI was the first to enjoy the new services of Akiem, back in 2009. Since then the BB 27000 fleet is getting more colourful every year, and the list of customers for Akiem is expanding. Some examples up til now:

First units to be used by another operator than SNCF were 27138, 27139 and 27140, that were hired to French operator VFLI, also part of the SNCF / Geodis group. They did not change livery at that moment. The first to do so where 27116, 27117 and 27118, hired to VFLI per 01.04.2010. They got a red and grey base livery and were decorated with five-fingered flowers which represent the five base pillars of the VFLI organisation. - VFLI


On 17.05.2010, leasing company Akiem delivered two Prima electrics to freight operator EuroCargoRail, part of the DB Schenker organisation. The BB 27156 and 27162 were partially repainted in ECR corporate colours for this new contract. It's the first time we saw Akiem logos on a locomotive and it's also a first for a non SNCF-related operator to hire units from Akiem. - RV

And on 01.06.2010, the second couple of Prima locomotives to be available to EuroCargoRail was outshopped. This time it concerned units 27141 and 27159. Akiem initially gave them a more neutral trim and decorated them with small ECR logos, as they were planned as back-up for this operator. This changed later on, as 27159 got the ECR full livery for example. The pictures show both units coming right from the paint shop, accompagnied by Akiem's shunters Y 8299 and 8306 also to be leased to ECR. - Akiem

Since 2010, many more units have been changing operator and consequently logos and liveries. Check the news page to keep up with all developments.