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Siemens Vectron: presentation Wegberg-Wildenrath 29.06.2010  

After a general presentation in Dusseldorf, Siemens invited the press to visit its Wegberg-Wildenrath test center for a first direct confrontation with the new Vectron. Inside, the white painted Vectron prototype no.2 was parked, accompanied by MRCE-Dispolok ES 64 P-001 and three Siemens demonstrators: Siemens ER 20-2007, Siemens E 189 840 and 183 701. Also, all main pillars of the current Siemens' locomotive program (all in a common white and silver livery) were available to the press and, one day later, also for potential customers. The Vectron got all the attention, but of course, with some serious homologation, certification and fine-tuning processes ahead, the current EuroSprinter and EuroRunner platforms still have to push the sales numbers for the upcoming time. The presence of the ES 64 P-001 'Werner von Siemens' was more or less symbolical.

On presentation day, many different, interesting locomotives and trainsets were present at the Wegberg test center. Several Desiro-UK train sets for First ScotRail, several Desiro-ML sets for the Belgian railways; 189 series locomotives for DB Schenker, ES 64 F4s, old and new for MRCE Dispolok, some Spinter train sets for the Dutch railways. An IranRunner was hidden in between the stacked ES 64 F4. Although many class 18 locomotives for the Belgian railways were transported away from Wegberg in the weeks before the presentation day, still some 15 units were standing around in Wegberg.