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NJT ALP-46A: details  
On 12.11.2009, Bombardier presented the first ALP-46A (no.4629) at its assembly plant in Kassel. On behalf of Bombardier, Peter Ammann, Vice President Sales & Marketing / Locomotives, handed over a scale model of the ALP-46A to Steven Santoro, Asisstent director of New Jersey Transit.

During the presentation, many more units could be seen at Kassel in different stages of construction. First unit to leave Kassel was again de 4629, on 17.11.2009 around 10.00 pm, loaded onto a truck. Then of course the usual testing and evaluation period started, at Bombardier test site in Pueble, Colorado, USA.

First revenue services with the ALP-46A's started at the end of June 2010. The new units were always supported by an ALP-46's in the beginning, as back-up. Delivery of the ALP-46A ended in april 2011, when 4664 left the factrories.