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TFT 464  
in short
E464 series

In 2009, Trasporto Ferroviario Toscano (TFT) ordered one Traxx P160 DCP unit from Bombardier, for services from Arezzo to Sinalunga vv.

Co.Ri.fer built a rake of three double deck coaches for the train, which were delivered in the summer of 2012. By then, the locomotive was already stored at the TFT depot for almost two years.

1 locomotive
order date 07.2009
delivery 04.08.2010
> designation 464 880
operator official website:
Bombardier official website:
TFT 464: news  
open news
2014-05-12 [IT] There is only one TFT E464 locomotive (video)
open news
2013-02-14 [IT] Trenitalia E464 delivery completed
open news
2012-08-15 [IT] TFT 464 880 and its new train
TFT 464: Technical specs  
Product name Traxx P160 DCP
Product description asynchrone electric locomotive for direct current
Power system 3 kV (and 1,5kV according to Bombardier)
Length 15.750 mm
Wheel base 7.540 mm
No. axles / Axle arrangement: 4 / Bo' Bo'
Track gauge 1435 mm
Total weight 72 tonnes
Top speed 160 kph
Power rating 3.500 kW
Max. starting tractive effort 200 kN
TFT 464: liveries  
The showy livery of this unique locomotive:
TFT 464: select your locomotive  
Bombardier 8264 2010 TRAXX P160 DCP Bo'Bo'-el 464.880 8 picture(s) available     graphics available