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WLE 81  

In july 2010, Siemens confirmed that they had sold 'stock locomotive type 189 no. 4' or '189 801' to the Westfälische Landes-Eisenbahn (WLE) from Lippstadt, Germany. That same month the machine was repainted from white to orange in Munich. On 30.07.2010 it left the Siemens factories again and transported to Nürnberg. There it stood, carefully sealed, until 23.08.2010. That day the 189 801 was transported to Lippstadt, where driver training could start. The week after, the 801 got a WLE service number (no.81) and additional white logos and striping.

On 30.08.2010, the WLE 81 had its first revenue service, with a beer-transport coming from the Warsteiner breweries. The 81 took it over from WLE 21 in Lippstadt en brought it to Munich.

WLE 81: news  
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2015-07-28 [DE] WLE tenders for new multi system electric locomotive
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2010-08-27 [DE] WLE 81 - update
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2010-08-23 [DE] 189 801 arrives at Lippstadt
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2010-07-30 [DE] EuroSprinter for the Westfälische Landes-Eisenbahn [update]
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2010-04-21 [DE] WLE: tender for a new electric
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