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Vossloh EUROlight: introduction  
The Vossloh EUROlight is a new four-axle diesel-electric locomotive with less than 20t weight per axle available with two different engines. The freight version will have a top speed of 120 km/h, the passenger version shall be designed for speeds between 140 km/h and 200 km/h. The diesel engine is either the 12-cylinder Cat C175-12 for 2’300 kW or a 16-cylinder Cat C 175-16 for 2’800 kW, a 3’500 kW version is also planned. Four traction inverters allow individual control of the axle with 1’100 mm wheel diameter. All electric equipment is from ABB. The 2’800 kW version with 4’000-liter fuel tank has a weight of 77,5 t, optionally there will be also a version with a 7’000-liter fuel tank. - Vossloh

In August 2010, a EUROlight locomotive (unit 284.002) was seen outside of Spain for the first time. It was parked in Hendaye from 08.08.2010 to 20.08.2010 and then continued a journey towards Germany. In September 2010 it was at display during the international Innotrans 2010 railway fair in Berlin. - PC/

In Januari 2011, homologation tests with the EUROlight were started in Germany. For this purpose, unit 284.001 was sent upnorth.