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Siemens Vectron: Innotrans 2010  
From 21.09.2010 to 26.09.2010, the international Trade Fair Innotrans 2010 was held in Berlin. During this event the Vectron made its real debute. Soon it was clear that Siemens did not tell us the complete story during the Wegberg-Wildenrath press and customer day, two three months before... There was still more to come... Three days bfore the fair was officially openend, the Vectron-armada arrived in Berlin. As promised in Wegberg, four units would represent the new platform, but some things were strange. Why were all fronts covered with psychedelic plastic? One unit did not have pantographs, and, the two units we alreay knew, 193 901 and 921, were not part of the group...

surprise no.1: new front design
When the tape came of, redesigned front hatches and lamp fittings were revealed. Siemens did put some extra effort in giving the new platform a little more an identity of its own. The headlights are now placed into silver painted light houses, the front hatch now has a serious grill, with 8 openings, reminding us a bit about Scania trucks. The frame ends also changed. From now on we know exaclty if we are dealing with a Vectron or not, as the name is perforated in the frame end above every right buffer.

surprise no.2: the Vectron Diesel
In Wegberg, Siemens did say that a diesel-electric version of the Vectron would be possible, but that this was something for the distant future... But the future was near! At Innotrans 2010 Siemens presented to Vectron-DE, unit no. 247 901, as a surprise for all customers and competitors. Its body is approximately 1 meter longer that the electric version, but the overal design is very similar. The Vectron-DE can be delivered with power outputs ranging from 2000 to 2400 kW. The unit at the fair had a MTU 16V 4000 R84 engine, rated at 2 400 kW. With this engine, the Vectron-DE meets Euro Stage IIIB emissions regulations.

The Vectron-DE is available for both freight and passenger services. The 247 901 at the fair more or less had the passenger-configuration, with destination displays integrated in both front hatches.

surprise no.3: another 4 prototypes!
With the four new Innotrans-prototypes, Siemens had six locomotives at its disposal for testing and homologation projects. Two Multi-System units to run accross Europe (193 901 and 902), two units for alternating current voltage systems, important for corridors towards Scandinavia and Eastern Europe (193 921 and 922), one machine for the Polish and Italian domestic markets (191 951) and diesel-Vectron.

The ambitions of Siemens are very clear, they will no longer watch from the sideline, to see Bombardier getting awarded with all important orders, as happened in the past decade. With the Vectron, Siemens has the exact same four base configurations as Bombardiers has developed for its Traxx family, MS, AC, DC and DE.

base configurations of the first six Vectron locomotives, as presented in 2010:

number configuration details
193 901 MS - 200 kph - high power (6,4 MW AC / 5,2 MW DC) all main European ATP systems on board
193 902 MS - 200 kph - high power (6,4 MW AC / 5,2 MW DC) fitted with the ATP-system cabinet from Alstom
193 921 AC - 200 kph - high power (6,4 MW AC)  
193 922 AC - 200 kph - high power (6,4 MW AC) fitted with the ATP-system cabinet from Siemens
191 951 DC - 160 kph - 5,2 MW DC at Innotrans with automatic couplers
247 901 DE - 160 kph - MTU 16V 4000R84 diesel engine 2,4 MW destination display