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Newag Gliwice  

Newag Gliwice S.A. (former ZNLE Gliwice) is a Polish company based in the town of Gliwice. It has a long history in modernizing and rebuilding all kind of locomotives. Since the 00's it is developing new locomotive platforms. The products:

E6ACT Dragon: six axle freight locomotive for the Polish domestic market

In 2008 the construction of the first electric locomotive started, the E6ACT 'Dragon', a six-axle freight locomotive with 5 MW duration power, ideal for the Polish domestic market. With a top speed of 120 kph it is designed for heavy freight trains with weight up to 3200 tons, typical for transportation of aggregate, coal, sand and steel.

The orange and blue prototype was presented on the TRAKO 2009 fair and made its international debute at the Innotrans 2010 fair in Berlin. In 2011 it was tested extensively by several Polish operators in all-day services. Since then locomotives have been built and delivered to STK, Lotos Kolej and Freightliner Poland.

In 2016 Newag introduced a version of the DC Dragon locomotive with a 520kW last mile diesel module. For 2018 a multi system version is planned.

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The Griffin (E4MSU/MSP): multi purpose locomotive platform for the international market

During the Innotrans 2010 fair, we could already hear about the plans for a multi system locomotive from ZNLE, with which it wanted to enter the international market for locomotives. Early 2011, the first design studies were released, showing a shiny, slick yellow and black exterior design for a machine nicknamed 'Elephant. Later on, the name for this platform was changed into Griffin, more in line with its characteristics, versatile and fast.

The design also changed, moving towards the construction of the Dragon, which makes perfect sense. During TRAKO 2011 ZNLE announced that the first Griffin locomotive would be presented at Innotrans 2012, and so it happened. That year the metallic green E4MSU-001 was the star of the fair. A multi system multi purpose 4 axle locomotive.

A first order for Griffin locomotives was placed in 2016. Lotos Kolej ordered five machine for DC voltage, including last mile shunting diesel.

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