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FUC E190  
In May 2010, Ferrovie Udine Cividale (FUC) from Italy published a tender for two electrics for freight service. In October 2010, FUC announced that Siemens was chosen as final bidder for the contract. - TED/Siemens

On 20.01.2011, the first unit, a locomotive designated as 1216 301, was outshopped in Linz.. That day it was transported to Munich. There it completed its maiden run. On 25.01.2011 the 301 arrived in Udine, its new homebase.

Both the 301 and 302 were selected from the stock locomotives type ES 64 U4 stored in Linz. This explains why their year of construction is 2008 and 2009.

FUC E190: news  
open news
2012-06-11 [IT/AT] the start of MiCoTra; connecting Udine and Villach
open news
2011-10-19 [IT] FUC E 190 301 in everyday service
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2011-07-07 [IT] Portrait of FUC E190 301 and 302
open news
2011-01-25 [DE/IT] FUC 1216 301 in the picture
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2010-11-09 [IT] extra information FUC ES64U4 locomotive order
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2010-10-29 [IT] Ferrovie Udine Cividale will get ES 64 U4 locomotives
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2010-10-26 [IT] Ferrovie Udine Cividale orders two Siemens electrics
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2010-06-15 [IT] two electrics for Ferrovia Udine Cividale?
FUC E190: select your locomotive  
Siemens 21604 2008 ES 64 U4 Bo'Bo'-el 190 301 17 picture(s) available   revision data available graphics available  
Siemens 21463 2010 ES 64 U4 Bo'Bo'-el 190 302 5 picture(s) available