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KM 5170: details  

Artist impression (2010), copyright Bombardier

On 21.04.2010, Bombardier was awarded with a 41 million order for eleven new electrics by Polish operator Koleje Mazowieckie (KM). Until the end, also a Chinese manufacturer was in the running for building these machines, but finally the German-Canadians won.

For the first time, Traxx DC units (P160DC) will be specifically built for passenger services, meaning that they will have a top speed of 160 kph and will have all neccessary equipment on board for push-pull services with the Bombardier double-deck rakes, already operated by KM.

On 28.09.2010, the first painted body of a Traxx P160DC for Polish operator Koleje Mazowieckie was presented in the Bombardier factory in Wroclaw. The end-result is playful and optimistic, making a standard Traxx body a bit more dynamic all of a sudden. The design is made by Dominica Niksy, a student of SGGW - the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. - RK/MJ

On 28-29.12.2010, the first KM unit was transported from Vado Ligure in Italy to Poland, via Germany. Its designation is E583.001.