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CTV 2016  
In 2009, Cargo Trans Vagon from Romania got two ES64F4 electrics, 189 700 and 701. In december 2010 CTV signed another contract with Siemens, this timeordering two EuroRunner diesel electrics.

Both units were slected from stock production at the Arriva work shop in Neustrelitz (D). In the first week of March 2011 they got their final livery at the paint shop of Dangelmayr in Berlin. The were initially completed in a white livery.

The first EuroRunner for CTV was handed over to the operator in April 2011.

CTV 2016: news  
open news
2011-05-13 [RO] CTV EuroRunners on their way to Romania
open news
2011-03-11 [CZ/RO] CTV and Metrans EuroRunners colorized
open news
2011-02-10 [RO] CTV orders two EuroRunners, official details
open news
2011-01-16 [RO] Cargo Trans Vagon orders two EuroRunners
CTV 2016: fleet overview