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Vossloh EURO 3000 AC  
In March 2011, we heared about the Euro 3000 AC for the first time. This concept can be seen as a mix of the innovations of the EUROlight concept (similar exterior cab design) and the experiences with the Renfe 334 series. The EURO3000 AC is configured for main line passenger services and normal track gauges. Main technical specs:

Technical specs Euro 3000 AC

type Euro 3000 passenger
Configured as concept
Total length 21000 mm
Axle arrangement: Bo'Bo'
Track gauge 1435 mm
Total weight 88 ton
Axle load 22 tonnes
Top speed max. 200 kph
Starting Tractive Effort: max 305 kN
Fuel tank capacity 6000 l
Manufacturer diesel engine EMD
type 12N-710
Power rating 2454 kW
Number of cilinders 12
Electrical transmission AC/AC IGBT
Wheel diameter (new) 1117 mm