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RTC EU43: background  
By February 2001, Italian operator RTC had a license for both domestic Italian and international freight services, however, the more complex process of obtaining safety certification was not completed until October 2001. In that period, RTC was searching for locomotives to start its services with, something that proved to be difficult when you are one of the first open-access operators in the area. That made the superfluous EU43s an unique opportunity for RTC to obtain eight units that got exactly that configuration needed for international services between Italy and Austria, as they were dual-system units for both the 3 kV DC and 15 kV AC catenary systems.

With some hick-ups commercial services with the EU43s started on 01.12.2001. As the base design of the EU43s had Italian roots (they are based on the Trenitalia E412 series design), it was relativily easy to adjust them for this new customer. Only the cab interior orientation (from right to left) had to be changed, together with technical parameters, but the construction could stay the same. In the end, RTC took over all eight units. - source: Eisenbahn Revue / Railwaygazette

Up til now (March 2011), RTC only uses the EU43s on Italian soil. Geniune multi-system usage is therefore still out of the question. All eight machines still run under their original Polish designation, with a supplemental RT-marking (identifier for RTC) up front, obligatory for running in Italy. At this moment seven units have a two-tone green-blueish livery with RTC logo. Only unit EU43-007 still has the orginal PKP-livery, with red painted cabs.

As EU43-001 to 003 were built by Adtranz in Vado Ligure, they have works numbers of this factory: 7468-7470. The five units assembled in Poland, using kits from Vado Ligure, have different numbers on their factory shields. For example unit 005: Type 112E - Nr 05 - Rok 2000. - Bombardier