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AMT 13xx Dual Power  

In August 2008, Bombardier Transportation signed an unique duo-contract for an unique product. New Jersey Transit (NJT) from the USA and the Agence Metropolitaine de Transport (AMT) both ordered Dual-Power locomotives, a new product from the Canadian-German manufacturer specially developed the meet the very special needs of both operators.

The Dual-Power locomotive is a fully fledged electric (4400 kW) and diesel locomotive (3100 kW engine output), combined in one driving unit, with only four axles. The total weight of one locomotive is 130 tonnes, resulting in a impressive 32,5 tonnes per axle. One can image the complexity of such a drive train, and still keep everything under the maximum axle weight.

AMT ordered twenty units in 2008, resulting in the AMT batch 1350-1369. Construction of the first machines started in 2010. At the Innotrans 2010 trade fair in Berlin, the first 1:1 model was presented. Not quiet finished, but it gave a good impression of the impressive scale of the Dual Power. The locomotive on display was the first unit for NJT, no. 4500, but in a special trade fair livery being a mix between the final NJT and AMT color schemes.

For AMT, locomotive no. 1350 was the first to cross the Atlantic arriving at the Port de Newark on 27.05.2011. After disembarking the machine, its was transported to rails by truck and a freight train transported in the Montreal, Canada.

AMT no. 1351 arrived from Kassel in Vienna on 05.08.2011, for testing under extreme weather conditions in the climate chambers of RTA Rail Tec Arsenal.

AMT 1350 Dual Power: news  
open news
2014-12-02 [CA] AMT starts services on its Mascouche line
open news
2013-02-06 [CA] AMT <> CN dispute over dual power locomotives continues
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2013-01-27 [CA] Results of investigation of derailment of AMT 1352
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2012-01-04 [USA] NJT 4501 training drivers
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2011-11-14 [DE] transport of the Dual-Powers - AMT 1356
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2011-11-09 [DE] transport of the Dual-Powers - AMT 1355 and NJT 4504 [updated]
open news
2011-08-07 [AT/CA] Dual Power no. 1351 for Montreal in Vienna
open news
2011-05-31 [USA/CA] Dual Powers invade North-America
open news
2008-08-20 [USA] NJT and ATM confirm order for 46 dual-modes
AMT 1350 Dual Power: select your locomotive  
Bombardier 34891 2010 ALP-45 DP Bo'Bo'-el/de 1350 1 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 34892 2011 ALP-45 DP Bo'Bo'-el/de 1351 3 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 34893 2011 ALP-45 DP Bo'Bo'-el/de 1352          
Bombardier 34894 2011 ALP-45 DP Bo'Bo'-el/de 1353          
Bombardier 34895 2011 ALP-45 DP Bo'Bo'-el/de 1354          
Bombardier 34896 2011 ALP-45 DP Bo'Bo'-el/de 1355 2 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 34899 2011 ALP-45 DP Bo'Bo'-el/de 1356 6 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 34900 2011 ALP-45 DP Bo'Bo'-el/de 1357          
Bombardier 34903 2011 ALP-45 DP Bo'Bo'-el/de 1358          
Bombardier 34904 2011 ALP-45 DP Bo'Bo'-el/de 1359          
Bombardier 34906 2011 ALP-45 DP Bo'Bo'-el/de 1360          
Bombardier 34908 2011 ALP-45 DP Bo'Bo'-el/de 1361          
Bombardier 34910 2011 ALP-45 DP Bo'Bo'-el/de 1362          
Bombardier 34912 2011 ALP-45 DP Bo'Bo'-el/de 1363          
Bombardier 34916 2012 ALP-45 DP Bo'Bo'-el/de 1364          
Bombardier 34917 2012 ALP-45 DP Bo'Bo'-el/de 1365          
Bombardier 34918 2012 ALP-45 DP Bo'Bo'-el/de 1366          
Bombardier 34920 2012 ALP-45 DP Bo'Bo'-el/de 1367          
Bombardier 34922 2012 ALP-45 DP Bo'Bo'-el/de 1368          
Bombardier 34924 2012 ALP-45 DP Bo'Bo'-el/de 1369