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CFI E190  
In June 2011, Italian operator Compagnia Ferroviaria Italiana ordered two ES64U4 locomotives. A locomotive in grey and red, numbered 190 321, was the first one to arrive in Udine [IT] on 24.12.2011. The second unit came in January 2012.
CFI E190: news  
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2012-02-27 [IT] flashback: CFI recieves its second Siemens ES 64 U4 locomotive
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2012-02-27 [IT] CFI E190 322 running WITH new CFI logos
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2012-01-19 [IT] new CFI locomotive in the picture
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2011-12-21 [IT] First image of E190 321 for CFI [Link fixed]
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2011-09-21 [IT] Compagnia Ferroviaria Italiana orders two ES64U4 locomotives
CFI E190: select your locomotive  
Siemens 21673 2011 ES 64 U4 Bo'Bo'-el E190 321 20 picture(s) available     graphics available  
Siemens 21674 2011 ES 64 U4 Bo'Bo'-el E190 322 19 picture(s) available     graphics available