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PKP Cargo EU45  
In October 2011, PKP Cargo Logistics acquired Siemens stock locomotive 189 846. The contract was signed on 03.10.2011. The machine iarrived in Poland in the first week of that month. It was still painted in white at that moment.

PKP returned ES 64 F4-151 and -152 to MRCE Dispolok, just before the arrival of the new 846. It used to hire four such MRCE units of which the -153 and -154 remained at that moment. Together with the 846 they were used on international services, mainly from and to the Czech Republic.

PKP Cargo EU45: Mega Poster  
Railcolor has published a Mega Poster booklet about the PKP EU45 series, including a 78 cm highly detailed illustration of the locomotive. Get it now!

PKP Cargo EU45: news  
open news
2015-01-12 [EU] PKP Cargo: new tender for 15+5 MS locomotives (replaces previous tender for 10+5)
open news
2014-09-09 [EU] Must read: PKP Cargo acquires CTL, PMT and AWT?
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2014-08-19 [PL] PKP Cargo: 200 mln zl; for new MS locomotives
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2012-06-01 [PL/CZ] PKPs own EU45-846 in PKP Cargo livery
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2012-01-28 [PL/CZ] PKP Cargo Logistics E 189-846 renumbered
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2011-10-11 [PL] official: PKP purchases E189 846
PKP Cargo EU45: select your locomotive  
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