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FAS E483  
On 21.02.2012, Ferrovia Adriatico Sangritana S.r.l. (FAS) and Bombardier signed a contract for the delivery of two TRAXX DC locomotives. During a Railcolor visit to the Bombardier works in Vado Ligure (IT), we were able to watch both units under construction. The red and grey livery of both machines is similar to the Minuetto trainsets, FAS currently operates. The colors of the fronts resemble the Italian flag. On 29.06.2012, both the 483 030 and 031 completed their maiden run from Vado Ligure to Genova.
FAS E483: liveries  
FAS E483: news  
open news
2015-06-07 [IT] FAS receives a third Traxx locomotive: 483 032
open news
2013-04-25 [IT] FAS E483 and car transport
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2013-01-09 [IT] Sangritana locomotives in service (van transport)
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2012-06-29 [IT] Traxx locomotives for Ferrovia Adriatico Sangritana (FAS) outshopped
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2012-05-03 [IT] TRAXX locomotives for FAS under construction
FAS E483: select your locomotive  
Bombardier 8430 2012 TRAXX F140 DC Bo'Bo'-el 483 030 18 picture(s) available     graphics available  
Bombardier 8431 2012 TRAXX F140 DC Bo'Bo'-el 483 031 16 picture(s) available        
Bombardier ? 2015 TRAXX F140 DC Bo'Bo'-el 483 032 7 picture(s) available