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1822 002 and 005: second life in Poland  
In January 2005, the Austrian railways succeeded in selling two of its 1822 series locomotives to another operator. PTKiGK from Poland took over machine no. 002 and 005. After retro-fitting and a repaint the machines were used for domestic freight services in Poland. This capital however was short. 1822-005 was in service until 2008. 1822-002 lasted two years longer, and was put aside in 2010.

Meanwhile PTKiGK merged with other Polish operators. Finally, they were acquired by DB Schenker, becoming DB Schenker Rail Polska. In 2013, DBSRP started to sell / scrap all smaller series of locomotives in its fleet. The operator wanted a more homogeneous fleet. This was the end of the two Polish 1822s.