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BLS Cargo Vectron  

In March 2015, Swiss freight operator BLS Cargo decided to order fifteen Vectron MS electrics from Siemens. They will be used for long haul freight services connecting the Netherlands and Italy through the Alps. The country specific packages of the machines will include all equipment required for running in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

The new locomotives are needed because BLS Cargo is facing the withdrawal of older series, and because it wants to strengthen its position on the long haul European corridor mentioned. At this moment, BLS Cargo already operates container shuttles connecting Rotterdam (NL) with Melzo (IT) using Bombardier Traxx MS locomotives in cooperation with ERS Railways / Freightliner.

In the past months, BLS Cargo has evaluated several modern electrics on their network. They have decided to go with Siemens. The new machines will be delivered in three separate batches. The first locomotives will be delivered in the second half of 2016. The delivery will be completed in 2018.

BLS Cargo Vectron: news  
open news
2017-08-14 [CH] New stickers for BLS Cargo Vectrons no. 406 and 407
open news
2017-08-02 [CH] Siemens delivers: BLS Cargo 406 and 407 arrive in Switzerland
open news
2017-07-18 [EU] Vectron stock production and transports
open news
2017-02-16 [EU] SNCF Logistics acquires 45% stake in BLS Cargo
open news
2016-12-15 [DE] BLS Cargo vectron in Kaldenkirchen
open news
2016-10-10 [CH] Shot of the day: three BLS Cargo Vectrons
open news
2016-10-01 [CH] BLS Cargo 475 404 in revenue service
open news
2016-09-26 [CH] BLS Cargo Vectron in revenue service / no. 405 in Basel
open news
2016-07-07 [CH] BLS Cargo testing: Re 485 and Re 475
open news
2016-06-01 [CH] BLS Cargo Vectron 401 on public tracks
open news
2016-04-30 [CH] BLS Cargo presents the Vectron
open news
2016-04-27 [CH] BLS Cargo 475 401 and 402 in Basel
open news
2016-04-26 [DE/CH] 2x BLS Vectron arrive in Switzerland
open news
2016-04-20 [DE/CH] BLS Vectron on maiden run
open news
2016-03-30 [CH] BLS Cargo shows the Re475
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2016-03-11 [EU] New impression of the BLS Cargo Vectron
open news
2016-03-04 [DE/CH] Siemens on TV: BLS Vectron shows [updated]
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2016-01-06 [NL] Vectron arrives in the Netherlands
open news
2015-09-10 [NL] 2016: Vectron in the Netherlands
open news
2015-05-06 [EU] Scale model of Siemens Vectron for BLS Cargo
open news
2015-03-27 [CH/DE/NL/AT/IT] BLS Cargo orders 15 Vectron MS locomotives
BLS Cargo Vectron: Fleet list  
Siemens 22040 2016 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 401 26 picture(s) available        
Siemens 22041 2016 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 402 26 picture(s) available        
Siemens 22064 2016 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 403 20 picture(s) available        
Siemens 22065 2016 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 404 30 picture(s) available        
Siemens 22066 2016 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 405 16 picture(s) available   revision data available    
Siemens 22067 2017 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 406 9 picture(s) available   revision data available    
Siemens 22068 2017 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 407 8 picture(s) available   revision data available    
Siemens 22069 2017 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 408 10 picture(s) available        
Siemens 22070 2017 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 409 10 picture(s) available        
Siemens 22071 2017 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 410 11 picture(s) available        
Siemens 22072 2017 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 411 9 picture(s) available        
Siemens 22073 2017 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 412 12 picture(s) available   revision data available    
Siemens 22074 2017 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 413 12 picture(s) available        
Siemens 22075 2017 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 414 11 picture(s) available   revision data available    
Siemens 22076 2017 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 415 8 picture(s) available        
Siemens 22751 2020 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 416 2 picture(s) available   revision data available    
Siemens 22758 2020 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 417 2 picture(s) available   revision data available    
Siemens 22844 2020 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 418          
Siemens 22847 2020 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 419          
Siemens 22866 2020 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 420          
Siemens 22867 2020 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 421