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Alstom Prima H4  

SBB Aem 940, that will be the designation of a new generation of hybrid locomotoves for the Swiss railways (SBB). Yesterday, they made public that Alstom is going to deliver 47 electro-diesel shunting locomotives (pantograph + combustion engine) for infrastructure maintenance and service purposes. The machines will be built by Alstom Schienenfahrzeuge AG from Neuhausen am Rheinfall (CH). Delivery will commence in 2018. (Alstom)

The Aem 940 will be of a new design. Alstom has released a spec sheet of a four axle locomotive of a mid cab design. The concept is being referred to as 'H4'. Surely it will share components with the H3 that is currently being built by Alstom in Stendal (DE). The Aem 940s will replace SBB's Am 841 diesel locomotives from the 90s and the remaining Ee6/6ii machines from the 80s, that are being used at Lausanne Rangierbahnhof. (Alstom / Theo Stolz)

At the same time, SBB decided to order 35 light duty machines for maintenance purposes by Windhoff Bahn und Service GmbH Anlagetechnik. These will be multi engine diesel loco tractors. The orders combined have an order volume of Sfr 265 million. (Alstom)

SBB Aem 940 (Alstom H4): Fleet list  
Alstom CH SBB 001 201x Prima H4 Bo'Bo'-el/de 940 001-1          
Alstom CH SBB 002 201x Prima H4 Bo'Bo'-el/de 940 002-9 1 picture(s) available        
Alstom CH SBB 003 201x Prima H4 Bo'Bo'-el/de 940 003-7 3 picture(s) available        
Alstom CH SBB 004 2018 Prima H4 Bo'Bo'-el/de 940 004-5          
Alstom CH SBB 005 2018 Prima H4 Bo'Bo'-el/de 940 005-2